Eat what you like

Everyone should be allowed to eat what they want without getting a hard time about it, whether it’s about someone else’s religion or just because your friend across the table does not eat meat and stares at you as if you are a murderer.

I’m gonna leave religious beliefs aside, for now, and talk about this “trend” going on these days.

I don’t understand why vegetarians, vegans and meat eaters always fight over this ridiculous subject.

I, for example, am a meat eater and I enjoy cooking meat. I also respect those that don’t and I can’t see why others find it hard to respect the fact that not everyone enjoys a vegetable based diet.

I’m going to generalize here and I apologize if I offend some people, but most vegetarians and vegans eat the way they do for moral reasons. They believe eating meat is murder, that animals have the same inherent right to life as humans, and equate eating meat to cannibalism.

Some vegetarians or vegans refuse to accept the notion that others do not think about what they eat or that animals have the same (or nearly the same) rights to life as humans and have a hard time letting the difference of opinions go.

People, eat what you like. If you don’t like meat, just don’t eat meat. SIMPLE! Just a little respect for those who do without treating them as murderers. Jeez, I mean who gives you the right to judge someone else because of what they eat.. RIDICULOUS!!

Author: Joseph Noujaim
Chef & Culinary Consultant