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Joseph Noujaim has left his country for more than 20 years and then returned to invest his skills and experience as a Chef and as a Marketing/Real Estate Consultant in Lebanon.


Check out my homemade products prepared daily for a fresh taste.


 I am a strong believer of selling what you promote. As a chef this is my number one rule: Never provide less than what was expected.

Tips for opening a new restaurant

Consider used
restaurant equipment

If you are opening a new restaurant, don’t overlook used restaurant equipment. You can save a buck or two.

POS system is
better than cash register

If you are thinking of opening a new restaurant, I strongly urge you to invest in a POS System.

Don't hire
any bartender

If your restaurant has a bar area, be selective about who staffs it. A good bartender will not only know how to pour drinks, he or she will excel in customer service.

Avoid lining prices
on your menu

It’s best not to align the prices of your food items on your menu. This makes customers compare prices and choose the less expensive items.

Choose an original
restaurant name

Be sure you work hard on your branding. Avoid any trouble by selecting a unique restaurant name.

Don't cut your
advertising budget

In today’s economy, restaurant owners need to think out of the traditional advertising box. Advertising is essential for business.

Creating one recipe
at a time.


Exclusive recipes


Different cuisines


Satisfied customers

cooked with love

a chef with his knife
is like a knight with his sword


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