Here are some of my recipes as requested. Hope you enjoy. Remember to cook and eat like a Boss, always!
Chinese Orange ChickenBy Joseph NoujaimThis Orange Chicken will take your breath away! Crispy fried chicken covered in an authentic orange sauce, a lot better than take-out.
Italian Anise BreadBy Joseph NoujaimThis Italian bread is great to enjoy with any dip or even use it to make a delicious sandwich. I love to enjoy it with olive oil, thick balsamic and parmesan cheese!
Chow Mein NoodlesBy Joseph NoujaimA must try Chinese all-favorite dish prepared with noodles, vegetables and your favorite choice of protein. I prefer chicken!
Chicken Meets BaconBy Joseph NoujaimNow this is majestic! If you love bacon and chicken, this is the perfect recipe for you to cook at home for your friends and family.
Cinnamon Apple CakeBy Joseph NoujaimBored of regular Apple Pie? Try this Cinnamon Apple Cake for a change. Make sure to enjoy with vanilla ice cream and some drizzled caramel on top.
Turmeric CakeBy Joseph NoujaimI have always loved to eat this sweet dessert known as Sfouf. A very easy way to prepare this at home.